Sense títol

Last week, we went to Drassanes on metro to talk about Cristopher Columbus, we went with children in primary five and six of Escola Arc Iris

We learned  mostly about Cristopher Columbus, about his journeys, about the suffering of the indigenous people, and also about spices and cocoa. We did the following activities: listening to the story of Columbus, visiting the monument in Drassanes, ssmelling spices and pointing out and saying out loud names of spices. 

We also did another activity where everybody except the people that didn’t want to could try some plain cocoa. The tour “guides” said that if you mixed: cocoa & sugar it would transform in to dark chocolate and they gave us a piece of milk chocolate. 

Last but not least we went to a dried fruits shop and we saw loads of types of fruit.


By Pau Blair McLaren (Year 5).